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ACZM Abstract A 9-year-old penis w chinchilla castrated pet chinchilla Chinchilla lanigera with a 5-day history of lethargy, inappetence, and weight loss was diagnosed with extensive adhesions between the glans penis and the prepuce, resulting in phimosis. Secondary accumulation of smegma and bacterial balanoposthitis was present.

Treatment of the phimosis included repeated breakdown of the adhesions between the prepuce and glans penis, regular extrusion of the glans penis, and topical application of a steroid ointment.

The adhesions between the prepuce and glans penis reoccurred despite repeated treatments. Overall, 31 months after the initial diagnosis, phimosis persists, however, concurrent balanoposthitis is not evident nor are any overt clinical disease signs. Copyright Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Key words: chinchilla; phimosis; treatment; balanoposthitis; penis w chinchilla exotic mammal A 9-year-old male neutered chinchilla Chinchilla laniger a presented with a 5-day history of lethargy and inappetence.

The owner reported the animal had no previous medical history. Upon examination, the patient penis w chinchilla quiet but alert. Heart rate, respiration rate, and rectal temperature were all within normal limits.

Management of Phimosis and Balanoposthitis in a Pet Chinchilla (Chinchilla lanigera)

A limited oral examination was unremarkable, and no mandibular abnormalities were palpable. Purulent discharge was noted from the prepuce, and it penis w chinchilla not possible to extrude the glans penis from the prepuce owing to the presence of adhesions between the distal part of the glans penis and the prepuce Fig.

The owner declined the recommended bacterial culture and sensitivity of the purulent; preputial discharge. Cytology of the purulent discharge was performed using Diff-Quick stain and moderate numbers of rod-shaped bacteria were observed. The prepuce and surrounding area was thoroughly cleaned with dilute 0. Dodge Animal Health, Ft. The preputial discharge had resolved, but the preputial adhesions causing the phimosis remained unchanged Fig. Surgical correction of the phimosis was recommended, but declined by the owner.

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E-mail: christoph. A Phimosis and purulent preputial discharge in a 9-year-old chinchilla initial presentation. Note the formation of adhesions between the tip of the glans penis and the prepuce. B Persistent phimosis in a 9-year-old chinchilla. Note the absence of purulent discharge from the prepuce following treatment with systemic antibiotics.


Upon examination, purulent discharge was again observed at the preputial opening and within the prepuce. A sample of the preputial discharge was submitted for an aerobic bacterial culture and sensitivity. Moderate growth of nonhemolytic Corynebacterium or Actinomyces sp. Surgical correction of the phimosis was again recommended to the owner following the culture results, but was declined.

The chinchilla was re-evaluated approximately 1 month later 4. On examination, the animal continued to have purulent discharge from the prepuce.


The owner had continued syringe feeding the patient since the previous visit because of anorexia. The patient was penis w chinchilla with dexmedetomidine 0. The preputial area was clipped, aseptically prepared, and draped in a sterile manner. The prepuce was pulled caudally and the glans penis extruded approximately 1 mm before adhesions were observed between the glans penis and prepuce.

Iris scissors were used to gently break down the adhesions, until the glans penis penis w chinchilla fully extruded from the prepuce Fig. The glans penis and prepuce were cleaned with chlorhexidine solution 0. The patient was discharged with instructions to continue the TMS for a total of 14 days.

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Meloxicam 0. A Completely extruded glans penis following surgical dissection of the adhesions that had formed between penis w chinchilla prepuce and the glans penis resulting in phimosis. B Extruded glans penis and everted prepuce 4 days following surgical dissection of adhesions penis w chinchilla led to phimosis. Note the mild swelling of the prepuce and remnants of the adhesions on the glans penis.

At the follow-up appointment 4 days later, the patient had minimal swelling and redness of the glans penis and prepuce Fig. All other aspects of the physical examination were normal. A Persistent phimosis and purulent balanoposthitis leading to accumulation of large amounts of purulent discharge within the prepuce.

B Persistent subclinical phimosis, 31 months following the initial presentation. Note the absence of preputial discharge. The chinchilla showed no clinical signs associated with phimosis. After 2 weeks of treatment, the owner was instructed to extrude the penis every 5 to 7 days for 2 additional weeks.

Follow-up appointments 2 and 3 months after the surgical procedure 6 and 7 penis w chinchilla after the initial presentation, respectively revealed accumulation of smegma and reformation of the preputial adhesions.

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The adhesions were manually broken down under manual restraint. The client was instructed to resume applications of the previously prescribed ointment every 3 to 5 jak duży jest penis and manually extrude the glans penis from the prepuce during each of the treatments.

Approximately, 20 months after initial presentation the penis w chinchilla was re-examined. Physical examination of the glans penis and prepuce revealed recurrent phimosis and an extensive amount of accumulated smegma Fig.

Under deep sedation dexmedetomidine: 0. The owner was instructed to clean and extrude the penis with chlorhexidine solution penis w chinchilla. Follow-up examinations The adhesions were separated manually and no further treatment was initiated at that time. During routine wellness examinations 26 and 31 months after the initial diagnosis, recurrent phimosis was diagnosed.

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Adhesions had formed at the tip of the glans penis and the prepuce Fig. This condition has been reported in dogs, cats, cattle, horses, goats, sheep, and humans. Although this chinchilla was 9 years old at the time phimosis and secondary bacterial balanoposthitis were diagnosed, one cannot rule out congenital phimosis since the condition could have been subclinical since birth.

Phimosis can also lead to accumulation of debris, or smegma, thereby predisposing the patient to a secondary balanoposthitis, as reported in this chinchilla.

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Only a thorough physical examination revealed the underlying bacterial balanoposthitis and phimosis. Therefore, bacterial infections of the prepuce, which penis w chinchilla be subclinical, should be considered in cases of hyporexia and reduced activity, and a thorough examination of the prepuce and entire glans penis should be performed in any male chinchilla, regardless of the presenting complaint.

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Steroids also inhibit collagen synthesis and have antiproliferative effects on the epidermis. Although the secondary bacterial balanoposthitis resolved, the phimosis was refractory to treatment; however, no secondary complications e. Nevertheless, one can never rule out the possibility that secondary bacterial balanoposthitis would reoccur in the future.

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Therefore, to prevent future episodes of balanoposthitis, surgical resection of the distal part of the prepuce recommended for treatment of phimosis in other species. Furthermore, in the human literature, topical steroids are routinely used for 6 to 8 weeks, while in this case topical steroids were only used for 2 weeks.

Safety of animal patients regarding drug administration cannot be extrapolated from human use, as animal grooming and possible ingestion of the applied product is a concern. A prolonged treatment period with a topical corticosteroid product may have provided adequate time for tissue remodeling, and a greater likelihood of success. Saporito K: A challenging case: phimosis in a young adult dog.

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