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Opis dotyczący treści dla dorosłych Producenci opisują te treści w następujący sposób: - Large portions of the game include nudity and graphic descriptions of sexual activities that feature female domination. Dick down the sun-kissed sweetheart, Nao, by the sea shore and follow it up by giving her stuck up rival, Miku, the rough ride of her life on the end of your mammoth-like member.

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Have them kiss your cock and make up with the help of your rich girl "oh ho ho ho-nahole" Rui in a four-way that'll keep the cabana shaking till the sun rises! Take the tan-lined tomboy, Miki, out for a swim, and to really make it a work out, make some waves by pounding her with a 'trident' Poseidon himself dodaj big penis be envious of!

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Watch out for the prudish Yuri who wants to put an end to your fun in the sun. Maybe she'll realize just how uptight she was and how nice it is to loosen up after a ride on your hymen breaking, earth shaking, pillar of pleasure.

So dodaj big penis up, get it up, and get out there to enjoy everything this beach has to offer!

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Translated version of the original Japanese Visual Novel All the female beach goers are fully voiced with original Japanese dialogue Original artwork HD upscaled with and variants Hours of "plot" Audio including music and special effects Enhanced with character sprite animations Gallery and Scene selections 15 scenes of XXX-rated beach activities!

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