Dlaczego penis bent. Amerykański sen czyli dlaczego spółka w Delaware nie jest dla Ciebie

But really — you just wanted to tell about your pet, right? Warning: there are a lot of obscene words, some of them connected with sex and członkowie facetów bez montażu. So there you have a list of words which have at least two meanings — one in the official language and the other one in slang.

Amerykański sen czyli dlaczego spółka w Delaware nie jest dla Ciebie

They will help you understand more words plays and colloquial language in general. But use them wisely. Ptaszek — officially: a little bird; unofficially: a penis.

dlaczego penis bent małe problemy z penisami u mężczyzn

Dziura dlaczego penis bent officially: a hole; unofficially: a vagina. Łoś — officially: a moose; unofficially: a silly person. Pchać — officially: to push; unofficially: to have sex. Jeleń — officially: a deer; unofficially: a silly person.

dlaczego penis bent erekcja nie ma nasiona erupcji

Ciągnąć — officially: to pull; unofficially: to suck a penis. Lecieć — officially: to fly; unofficially: to rush, to be in a hurry, to leave quickly.

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Laska — officially: a cane; unofficially: a good—looking girl can be offensive or sucking a penis. Ciacho — officially: a cake or a biscuit; unofficially: a good—looking guy. Pała — officially: a club, a stick, a bat; unofficially: a policeman offensive or a penis.

Normal but weird Polish slang words

Pojechać — officially: to go for a trip; unofficially: to say something stupid or offensive or controversial. Pałka — officially: a little club, stick, bat; unofficially: a penis.

Я пойду домой к Никки. Мы будем ждать. - Она поцеловала. Элли хотела сказать Роберту, что всему виной октопауки, но решила, что этого делать не следует. - Мамочка, мамочка.

Piec — officially: a stove; unofficially: a guitar aplifier — a device that let you play the electric guitar. Muszelka — officially: a little shell; unofficially: a vagina. An example: Stary, przestań! Dude, stop it! Mały — officially: small; unofficially: a penis.

Dlaczego nie?

Kozak — officially: a winter shoe or a Cossack bardzo szybko się zdarza Ukrainian community or Kozachok an Ukrainian dance or Leccinum a kind of mushroom ; unofficially: a person who is good at something or who did something well.

Drut — officially: a wire; unofficially: a penis. Kapeć — officially: a slipper; unofficially: a flat tire. Dojść — officially: to come; unofficially: to have orgasm. Beka — officially: a big barrel; unofficially: a funny situation.

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Świnia — officially: a pig; unofficially: a mean man or a good—looking girl can be offensive. Burak — officially: a beet; unofficially: a redneck, a mean person.

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Pies — officially: a dog; unofficially: a policeman offensive. Nagrzany — officially: warm, heated; unofficially: drunk. Suka — officially: a bitch — a female dog; unofficially: a bitch — dlaczego penis bent unfaithful girl offensive or a police car.

dlaczego penis bent wzrost podczas montażu

Kark — officially: a neck; unofficially: a well—built man can be offensive. Myszka — officially: a mouse; unofficially: dlaczego penis bent vagina.

Kit — officially: dlaczego penis bent a material similar to clay or dough ; unofficially: a lie. Wciskać kit — to lie. Odlecieć — officially: to fly away; unofficially: to get high. Słoik — officially: a jar; unofficially: a student who came to a big city to study can be offensive. Klocek — officially: a brick a toy for kids ; unofficially: a poop. Lama — officially: a llama; unofficially: a lamer, a person bad at something.

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Walić — officially: to hammer; unofficially: to have sex or to masturbate or to stink or to ignore. Walić konia — to masturbate. An example: Walić to!

dlaczego penis bent ulepszona erekcja ekstrade

Zapinać — officially: to button, to zip; unofficially: to have sex. Młotek — officially: a hammer; unofficially: a stupid person a little offensive. Trawa — officially: grass; unofficially: marihuana. Pogiąć — officially: to bend, to twist, to curve; unofficially: to make someone stupid.

An example: Pogięło cię?! Are you crazy?! Balony — officially: balloons; unofficially: breasts.

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Pompa — officially: a pump; unofficially: a state of laugh or a funny situation. Zderzaki — officially: bumpers; unofficially: breasts. Polewka — officially: a little sauce or a kind of soup; unofficially: a state of laugh or a funny situation.

Bąk — officially: a horse—fly a kind of insect ; unofficially: a fart. Puścić bąka — to fart.

dlaczego penis bent przyczyna częstych erekcji

Puścić strzałkę — to make such a phone call. Gibon — officially: a gibbon a kind of animal ; unofficially: a marihuana joint.

dlaczego penis bent co robić przy braku erekcji mężczyzny

Puścić szczura — to make such a phone call. Koks — officially: almost like coal; unofficially: a well—built man or cocaine. Dym — officially: a smoke; unofficially: a fuss for example riot.

Skręcać — officially: to turn left or right ; unofficially: to prepare a marihuana joint.

Ten artykuł od zawiera treści, przy których brakuje odnośników do źródeł.

Sztuka — officially: art or a piece of something; unofficially: a good—looking girl a little offensive or a good—looking car. Zgon — officially: death; unofficially: a state of being heavily drunk.

Lód — officially: ice or ice cream; unofficially: sucking a penis. Gong — officially: a dlaczego penis bent unofficially: a hit, a punch from another person.

You really exceeded our own expectations. Many thanks for imparting the interesting, safe, explanatory and even easy thoughts on the topic to Janet. She picked up some things, which included what it is like to possess an ideal teaching spirit to make the mediocre ones without difficulty master specified tortuous things.

An example: Dostał gonga i padł.